Coping with pain

Sometimes it can seem lonely when your life feels like a constant uphill battle compared to those around you, and you’re dealing with constant pain. Sometimes it can become quite overwhelming. What ma…


Fear can be a very hard obstacle to overcome. Fear can make us feel isolated and alone. Fear can make us feel extremely vulnerable. And fear can also stop us from making the most of each and every day…

Behind the smile

Behind every smile, there is a story. Some are filled with happiness, but many are not. Maybe some are tinged with pain, others with grief, others with sadness. We have to fight sometimes to show that…

Appreciating the little wins

Set yourself some new, small goals to achieve and pat yourself on the back when you achieve each one. And try, each time, to keep that smile on your face a little bit longer.

Guilty pleasures

Why do we impose so much guilt on ourselves for enjoying the occasional, innocent guilty pleasure? Instead, I think we should focus on the positive benefits we get out of them!